A Life In The Day of Panama...26 Feb 2008 02:04 pm

Got dammit Puffy can’t act. Shit.

Three hours of my life I cannot get back. Sure it’s a good play. Sure it’s a good read.

Sure sure sure. Unsure unsure unsure.

However, watching NBC’s Sean Combs exec-produced “A Raisin In The Sun” just didn’t really churn my butter like I’d like it to have.

Oh well. Sadatay.

So, it’s finally happened. I knew it would happen one day but man…I just wasn’t ready.

Hmm..you know what else…the chick who played Ruth has a strong face; very strong features. Features on steroids, if you will.

Anyway, so the other day I did what any other self-respecting arrogant motherfucker would do on a daily basis.

I googled me.

Y’all heard that “Google Me” song? Yeah, to el authero of said song? Go kill yourself chica.

Anyway, so I googled msyelf and found out that this site no longer comes up as the top result on Google.

Oy vey and pity me. Man, that one kind of hit me hard. For years, anytime you put in Panama Jackson, this here site showed up with all of the trimmings, fuckery, and shenanigans one could ever want. Now, its my MySpace page. Granted, Jackson G. Tickle Ent comes up on the first page.

Come come now. I’m still Panama Muhfuckin’. Interestingly, part of the reason I restarted blogging is because I realized that there is another Panama Jackson on the web peddling in porn. Bi-sexual porn.

So yeah, um…it ain’t me. I swear it. Stack of stacks kid. Three stacks.

“…if you say real talk I probably won’t trust ya….”

It’s true. Real talk.

Well, part of my lack of blogtasticness is that I have a few other side projects being worked on right now. One that’s about to hit your living room in a few days (weeks). It’s a site with another cool motherfucker that’s been in the works for a minute. We’re taking over the game bitches.

You. Don’t. Want. Drama.

Panama Jackson? Oh yeah, you want him.

Anyway, be on the lookout. Penny for your thoughts? Naw, fuck that…a million for my propositions.

Homonym does not mean that words rhyme. Word.Life. Just in case you didn’t know.

PJ signing off bitches.

2 Responses to “Yes.”

  1. on 28 Feb 2008 at 4:23 pm Jarrod Halsey

    “Homonym does not mean that words rhyme. Word.Life. Just in case you didn’t know.”

    LMAO. The worst is when niggas don’t even use homonyms, they just say the same word with different uses of it. Slightly different uses. Very slightly.

    And I can’t get signed?

  2. on 03 Mar 2008 at 4:10 pm Xquizzyt1

    I hate you – but you knew that. And damn, I didn’t even watch “A Raisin in the Sun” I wasn’t that pressed. I love my Soror Phylicia, but I couldn’t fathom Diddy working that role anywhere near the way Mr. Poitier did. Talkin’ bout he called Sidney and asked him for his permission to play the role. LMAO I was like, “Negro cut it out.” Trying to be all fake modest and shyt. Just went to a play the other day and stole the director’s grandmama’s seat because he didn’t like his own (did ya’ll read about that?). *shaking head* Now he wanna act like he’s all humble and shyt. Cut it out PUFFY, P. DIDDY, DIDDY, SEAN JOHN, whoever the hell you are!!! I just knew he’d ruin it for me. Uggh. And that shyt would be anti-climactic. Boooooooooooo…. I, the one time lover of all things Sean Combs, can’t STAND him now!!! Thanks for making me feel like I really didn’t miss anything. =)))

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